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Yūbi Blonde Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo - for Blonde Hair

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This anti-brass purple shampoo, enriched with cool violet pigment, an exclusive Japanese technology, neutralizes brassiness and unwanted yellow tones. Infused with Japanese white peony to condition hair while adding a natural glow.


Size: 300ml


How To Use Yubi Blonde Shampoo

  • Apply small amount to the roots, massage in
  • Apply another dime or nickel size and gently massage into mids and ends
  • Rinse thoroughly

If you want maximum tone for your blonde, use Yubi Blonde pigmented shampoo with Yubi Blonde pigmented mask


  • Neutralizes unwanted brassiness and yellow tones for a pure cool blonde result
  • Gently cleanses while conditioning
  • Smooths hair with a natural glow and a lavish touch



Japanese white peony

The purest snowy beauty from Niigata in Japan. Renowned as a symbol of purity in Japan, 15 years having been spent on the selective and sustainable breeding process enabling white peonies to bloom continuously, carefully treated by passionate farmers. Harvested by hand within only May to June & only half of flowers are used.