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Yūbi Blonde Glow Revealing Shampoo - for Blonde Hair

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This glow revealing shampoo is ideal for bleached, highlighted blonde hair. Infused with Japanese white peony, a symbol of purity in Japan, this professional formula designed in Japan gently cleanses while conditioning hair fiber with a natural glow & lavish touch.


Size: 300ml

How To Use Glow Revealing Shampoo

  • Extend the time in between shampooing
  • Shampoo the root area twice when you do cleanse

Shampooing less frequently will support the longevity of the blonde tone, keeping it bright, shiny and healthy



  • Removes impurities from hair.
  • Gently cleanses while conditioning.
  • Reveals hair with a glowing finish & lavish touch.


japanese white peony

The purest snowy beauty from Niigata in Japan. Renowned as a symbol of purity in Japan, 15 years having been spent on the selective and sustainable breeding process enabling white peonies to bloom continuously, carefully treated by passionate farmers. harvested by hand within only May to June & only half of flowers are used.