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Yūbi Blonde Replenishing Conditioner - for Blonde Hair

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Replenishing conditioner for highlighted blondes. Infused with Japanese white peony to replenish and nourish the hair from root to tip while bringing softness and smoothness.

Size: 250ml

How to Use

  • After shampooing, apply conditioner to wet hair.
  • Massage onto mid-lengths and ends.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Routine according to blonde type:
  • - bleached hair: daily application.
  • - highlighted hair: daily application.
  • - silver hair: daily application.

  • Benefits

    • Replenishes hair by intensely nourishing hair fibers from roots to tips.
    • Smooths the hair.
    • Reveals healthy hair with a lavish touch.



    Japanese white peony

    The purest snowy beauty from Niigata in Japan. renowned as a symbol of purity in Japan, 15 years having been spent on the selective and sustainable breeding process enabling white peonies to bloom continuously, carefully treated by passionate farmers. harvested by hand within only may to june & only half of flowers are used.


    A vibrant woody/floral fragrance made of noble ingredients exclusively used by fragrance creator: opening with sparkling ginger & fresh tea top notes infused in a heart of precious osmanthus jungle essence and jasmine. white musk at the dry down confer sensuality and femininity.


  • Top note: timur pepper, cardamom, green mate, ginger.
  • Heart note: white peony, jasmine, freesia, osmanthus.
  • Base note: white musk overdose.